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Sharon Osbourne: Lies! Lies! Lies!

X FACTOR star Sharon Osbourne is today branded a two-faced LIAR whose spite and jealousy inflamed a 20-year feud with her family.

Her furious brother David Arden exposes a shocking catalogue of TWO-FACED antics and reveals how she TWISTED the truth to blame her innocent parents for a dog attack that led to her miscarriage.

TV producer David, who stayed silent for years until their father's death, told how scheming Sharon:

  • ACCUSED her parents of buying the vicious dog that mauled her but actually brought it into the family herself.
  • CLAIMED her mum Hope ignored her plight over the miscarriage caused by the attack, when in fact she had RESCUED her from the animal's jaws.
  • RAGED at her father's mistress then BEFRIENDED her when she was useful.
  • INSISTED publicly that grief over 9/11 mended her rift with dad Don Arden but secretly made peace to save herself from bankruptcy.

The dog attack took place in 1982 when Sharon and rocker husband Ozzy visted Don — known as "the Al Capone of Pop" and manager of top bands including ELO and the Small Faces — at his sprawling mansion in Wimbledon, south-west London.

The family Doberman Scorpio and two other dogs pounced on Sharon as she walked through the gate onto the drive.

Brother David, who lived in an annexe, recalled: "I heard terrible screaming and rushed out to find Sharon rolling around on the ground. Her tights and clothes were ripped, and my first reaction was 'That b****d Ozzy has hit her!'


"Then I saw Ozzy by the gate looking sheepish and I shouted, 'You f****er! I'm gonna get you!', but Sharon yelled, 'No! No! Mum, Mum! The dog!' Then I twigged it, rushed to the main house and found my mum on top of the Doberman.

"She was in her late 60s but she was bravely holding this dog down with all her might. She and Sharon told me how she'd got the dog off with a broom then spread herself on it to stop it attacking again. It took Mum a while to recover from that. But it seems Sharon has now erased that bit from her life.

"In her autobiography she says the dogs tore her arms and legs to shreds but the hospital only treated her for bite puncture wounds.

"The most unpleasant thing is Sharon blames it all on our parents, claiming they'd bought this out-of-control dog. In fact it was HER gift to a nephew. It was so wild that no one really wanted it, but we'd hung on to it just to keep Sharon happy."

One sad result of the attack was that Sharon, 54, suffered a miscarriage of her first child by Ozzy. David said: "Sharon always claims Mum ignored her over that. But I KNOW she would never have turned her back on Sharon. If she'd known that had happened she'd have rushed to be at her side. Just look how she fearlessly took on the dogs. She saved her life.

"Which is a lot more than Ozzy did. He even told me afterwards how he'd bottled it. He actually said, 'My cowardly legs got the better of my brave heart.'

"To this day I still can't believe he'd just let the love of his life be ripped apart while he stood behind a gate and watched. Ozzy's a good man and I've always found him a kind-hearted person, but what he did that day was unforgivable."

Sharon had always been dad Don's little princess, but she really turned against him when, in the early 80s, she discovered secret love letters at his Los Angeles home and realised he was having a fling with American civil servant Meredith Goodwin.

David, 56, recalled: "Sharon was distraught, but that feeling quickly turned to hate. The rest of the family couldn't understand it. Sure, we were all rocked by it, but Sharon's actions ruined everyone's lives.

"She attacked my father, wrecked houses and hit the booze and Valium. She acted like SHE was the cheated wife — it was simply ludicrous.

"But Sharon's outrageous behaviour was due to her fears that she was now not the No1 girl in Dad's life. She felt Meredith was replacing her.

"She said, 'Me and Ozzy are leaving. Dad will spend all the money on her now. You know what these old boys are like with young women.' That's how she was thinking! She didn't seem bothered about my mother's feelings. I believe her anger came from jealousy over Meredith. Don had given Sharon everything, but it was never enough. She'd grown obsessed with him and envious of everything he created.

"As Sharon got more aggressive about the affair Dad was incredibly understanding. He knew he'd hurt her and never stepped in to say 'Stop going on about this. Enough is enough.' He even made her Ozzy's manager as a wedding present — but then she used that to try and hurt him.


"She claimed we were stealing money from Ozzy's royalties. She even went to our supervising record label CBS to discredit us. But she looked a fool when we gave them receipts which Ozzy had actually signed in front of us all."

Then Sharon's anger over her dad's fling turned to contempt for loving mum Hope.

"Sharon rang Mum up and urged her to leave Dad. Sharon was turning into an emotional wreck. In that first year my mum endured some dark moments. She sank into a deep depression. She said, 'I just wish I could die and it all would end.' Sharon even got family friends to call Mum with explicit details about the romance.

"For a year she bombarded Mum with a mixture of emotional calls. One would be calm, saying sweetly, 'Mummy, can I do anything for you? I'm so sad for you.'

"Another time she'd spit, 'How can you still be with that b****d? You've got to leave him!'

"Sharon was insane. The pain Mum felt was almost as great as the agony of the affair. She was relentless. Mum got to the stage where she wouldn't answer the phone fearing it was Sharon.

"Although things were obviously strained between my parents at the time, they did rebuild their relationship. What Sharon couldn't understand is they shared a love that transcended his indiscretions. She never forgave Mum for not leaving Don. She didn't even have the decency to go to her funeral in 1999."

David still finds it hard to come to terms with Sharon's breathtaking double standards.

"For Sharon to take the moral high ground was a joke," he said. "Just a few months earlier she'd single handedly broken up Ozzy's marriage to his first wife Thelma. She's a grade A hypocrite — like father, like daughter on that front." Nevertheless, by mid-1983 Sharon was not speaking to Don, Hope or David, claiming the strain of her dad's infidelity was too much to bear. "But I believe it was Sharon's jealousy of Meredith that caused the rift," insisted David.

The ice between Sharon and Don did not thaw until 2001 — and only then because it suited her. In her book Sharon claims the horrific loss of life in the 9/11 terror attack on New York's World Trade Center prompted her to make peace.

But brother David sees it differently. He recalls how Sharon desperately needed help in a US court case to save her and Ozzy from possible bankruptcy.

Two former bandmates were demanding £10million in unpaid fees and had signed up Don as a witness on their side. David said: "Their case was looking good. They got Dad to confirm Sharon was responsible for their missing cash.

"Then Sharon rang me, saying, 'I beg you to ask Dad to reconsider. He has to withdraw his testimony. We could lose everything.'

"For Sharon to use the word beg was unheard of, she was in dire straits. Dad had only signed up with the other side as a poke in the eye to Sharon, so I spoke to him and he agreed. Then Sharon went crazy with delight. And I'm positive that was the only reason she got back with my dad. Sharon and Ozzy rang him immediately they got the news and left a message. I heard Ozzy say, 'Hi Don, thank you so much for helping us out, can't tell you how much it means to me.'

"Then Sharon came on the line and said, 'Hi Dad, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your help. I hope I'll see you soon.'

"Sharon paid for us to fly first class to LA, put us up in the Four Seasons hotel and lawyers worked with Dad on the court statements over two days.


"It wasn't until after he signed that Sharon turned up. She waltzed in cool as you like with Jack, walked up to Don and smiled, 'Hello Dad!' Suddenly it was back to normal. I just stood there flabbergasted. It was the first time Dad had even seen his grandson but it was like all those years of s**t had never happened.

"Dad looked at her, smiled, and had two views on it. His heart told him it was the right thing to do, although his head was aware of how and why they'd been reunited. But he'd been genuinely distraught to lose the daughter he adored for so many years, so he kept quiet.

"Now Sharon showered Dad with gifts, paid for his heart pacemaker, a new apartment in Park Lane, a personal assistant and then even a move to Los Angeles.

"The court case was eventually dismissed and Sharon never once mentioned it again.

"She was now playing happy families, even the once hated Meredith was welcome — despite Sharon having publicly attacked her earlier!

"One night Sharon and Ozzy were at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills when Meredith sat at a table nearby. Sharon then walked over, gave her a mouthful, poured a glass of champagne over her, then chucked the dinner on her head. Meredith was a very gentle woman and didn't even react, but Sharon stormed out incensed!

"But by 2002 Sharon was lavishing her with gifts, paying for hotel breaks and even arranged an invite to the Queen's Jubilee show at Buckingham Palace.

"I was baffled. How could anyone be so two-faced?"

Article by James Desborough & Carol Aye Maung for The News of the World, 9th September 2007