Bob Daisley


Bob's Playing Analysed

Thanks to Keith Smart of the Zemaitis Guitar Owners Club for sending in this 2006 article from Guitar and Bass Magazine.

In Memory Of Randy

It's strange to think that thirty years have slipped by since Randy's departure. I will never forget him, he was one of the greatest Rock guitarists ever. Let's focus on the time that he was here and not how long he's been gone. Long live 'The Wizard' Randy Rhoads.

Randy's Song

At Bob's request, Uriah Heep first dedicated their song 'The Wizard' to Randy Rhoads on the 21st of March 1982, as their tour of the US began.

The band continued to dedicate the song to Randy out of love and respect.

'The Wizard' can be heard on Facebook.

Eternal Idol Lyrics

Bob's lyrics for 'The Eternal Idol' are now on the website.

In Memory Of Gary Moore

Bob's Interview with Rock Cellar Magazine

On behalf of our writer Marshall Ward, and all of us at Rock Cellar Magazine, we would like to express our gratitude for Bob's time and his thoughtful, candid, insightful comments.

Jeff Cazanov, Editor, Rock Cellar Magazine

Read the interview here.

New Two-Part Telephone Interview

Bob's two-part telephone interview with Cory Lambert for is now online - Part 1 | Part 2

Bob's Platinum Award Disc For 'Blizzard Of Ozz'

Bob would like to thank members of Ultimate Rhoads for alerting him to the fact that a dealer in music memorabilia was attempting to sell the platinum disc that he was awarded for his contribution to the album 'Blizzard of Ozz'. After seeing the listing on eBay, Bob made the following statement:

'That is the platinum award disc for 'Blizzard of Ozz' that I was supposed to receive from Canada but didn't. I got all the others from the US and Canada but not that one for some reason. It's rightfully mine and no one else has the right to sell it and make money from it. I would never sell, give away or part with any of my award discs.'

Bob's message was passed on to the woman selling the disc on eBay. She was informed, as was eBay, that the award disc is stolen property. The woman responded with:

'To assume that this is a stolen item is unjustified.'

The fact remains, the award bears the name 'Bob Daisley', so whoever took it did so knowing that it was awarded to and intended for Bob and nobody else. We were told that she had removed the platinum award disc from eBay. We asked if she would contact Bob to discuss the matter further but that hasn't happened as yet and our last email to her hasn't been acknowledged.