Bob Daisley

Randy Rhoads Documentary - Bob Daisley Speaks Out

Bob has received several messages via his website, MySpace and Facebook pages regarding insulting comments written on a Facebook page by Peter Margolis, the director of a film about Randy Rhoads.The comments were recently removed but not before they were circulated and discussed on various forums by fans wanting to know what happened between Bob and the film maker to prompt such animosity.

The following comments were made by Peter Margolis…

‘I interviewed 2 people in Australia.
One of them was one of the worst human beings that I have ever encountered in my years on this planet. The other was Scott Shelly, who was possibly the nicest person that I interviewed for the film.’

When asked if Bob and Lee were going to appear in the Randy Rhoads documentary Margolis wrote:

‘I interviewed both Lee and Bob.
Lee in England and Bob in Australia
Lee was a really great guy.
Does that answer your question?’

He was then asked..

‘Peter, I hope Bob wasn’t the other person you were talking about, when you stated that Scott Shelly was perhaps the nicest person you had ever met???????????????’

To which Margolis replied:

‘I met some of the greatest human beings while shooting this movie, and some of the worst.
People that don’t deserve to occupy space on the same planet that we all reside on.
That is all I will say on the subject until the film comes out.’

If the rumours are true, we may be in for a long wait to hear more ‘on the subject’ from Margolis. Fortunately, Bob has agreed to speak out and tell us exactly what went on during his involvement with the makers of the Randy Rhoads Documentary...

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